Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tango and the fox trot...

So yesterday I had my lesson and most of it was focused on the sitting trot and using your seat to gain a "perfect circle" of various diameters.   My instructor asked me to deepen my outside hip to keep the roundness.  As I tried to comply by dropping my hip I realized that by dropping I was also making it more stationary and not moving with my horse.

In the sitting trot it became more obvious that was not the real intent of deepening the outside hip.  If you are stationary you aren't moving with the horse.

I think of dressage ... well "good dressage" as dancing with the horse.  You are partners, giving and receiving.  There is a leading partner (hopefully the rider) that determines the parameters of the space you will dance within but both partners give and receive and move together.

With that thought... a great aha moment occurred!

Both hips dance with the horse but the outside hip is doing the tango and the inside hip is doing the foxtrot.  Both dances can be danced at the same tempo, but the tango is a more sensuous, deeper feeling.  The foxtrot is a light and lively feel.

Once I started dancing the two dances with my two hips... my horse moved with me in partnership.  Aha!

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