Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saddle Fitting and Wound Means no Riding

I had a saddle fitting on Friday with Suzy Coffey.   I try to get my saddle fitted every year to year and half just to make sure its just right for him.   I have been riding with a fleece half pad since January when I brought him back to work because my saddle was popping up in the back a little due to his back having lost some muscling.

When I was tacking him I noticed a gash across his back leg and was worried he may be lame.  It didn't look deep and he was sound on the lead so I thought I'd continue on with the saddle fitting.   I hopped on and he was fine at the walk, tried the trot and it was good too.  I was surprised but glad so we could do the saddle fitting.

Suzy was very pleased with how the saddle was fitting with the half pad.  Said there was NO movement and that it looked great.  She was also very pleased with how Golly was moving.   Kept exclaiming that, "you give him parameters and he stays right in them."  "I remember when this horse couldn't turn a corner and now you are turning precisely and with BEND!"   I was tickled with her comments.  I'm proud of my boy.  I think  a lot people (me included sometimes) thought he would never be supple and obedient or let's be honest... steer at all!   He's come a long way even if its taken awhile.

We tried it without the pad and she was glad that we tried it with the pad first as it was good without the pad and she probably would have found it satisfactory and just done a little fluffing of the fill.  Knowing how well it worked with the pad though she wants to keep the saddle just the way it is and continue to use the pad.

We did a few strides of canter just to make sure the saddle was working there too and then I called it quits to preserve his leg.  Even though he was 100% sound, there is a slight bit of swelling so I don't want to cause lameness.

When I got home I cold hosed the leg and scrubbed it clean.  It went through the top layer of hair and skin down to what I very medically correct call the "slimy part under the skin".   Cleaned it well, put a little wound dust and bug spray on, gave him a little bute and sent him out to the pasture.  I plan on continuing the bute, cold hosing and won't ride him again until the swelling is completely down.   I think he will be fine in a few days.
Left leg with the cut three days later/ slightly swollen
Right leg / no swelling / for comparison

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