Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts regarding the Rein

Looking back at my notes I have quite a few comments regarding rein pressure, direction and weight.
  • Its okay to use an opening rein when training.  Use the open rein to create space for the horse to come into.
  • Once your horse is a bit more "trained" you need to start moving and keeping your hands in a smaller space located in front and close to the withers.
  • Approximately 2/3 of the weight should be in the outside rein and 1/3 in the inside rein.
  • The outside rein creates the "wall" or the space for the horse to stay within.
  • The insides rein suggests bend.
  • The outside rein should be as steady as possible.  The inside rein has more movement and can be used to correct bend etc. by jiggling and slight movement.
 Some of my notes had to do with the relation of the rein to straightness.   For example, if the inside rein is loose because there is too much bend to the inside, you need to have more weight on the outside rein and push the horse via leg on the outside to help straighten him.  When you do then the horse will come up to meet the pressure in the inside rein.   In contrast, the answer is NOT to shorten your inside rein.

And the #1 thing to remember about rein pressure.   Use your seat FIRST and the REIN second.  We all have a tendancy to reach for the rein as the answer when the first tool should always be the seat.  Use those seat bones and weight to get what you want and if you dont get the answer, then use the rein in conjunction.

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