Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bubbles on My Saddle

This post is reaching out for some help.  A few weeks ago I noticed there were some small bubbles on my saddle.  It almost looks like small pimples under the top layer of leather.   I've never seen this before and I'm not sure how to combat it.   I love my sadddle -- a Black Country dressage - it fits Golly exactly right.  I definately want to be sure it lasts as long as possible. 

I did a good cleaning and conditioning on it last week but I'm not sure that is the best move.  If there is moisture under the leather causing this, conditioning may just hold that moisture in further.  Here's a look....

So what your thoughts?  Have you ever seen something like this and how did you combat it?
On a positive note... I want to share how much I LOVE my bridle.  In April I bought a new bridle as my existing one was literally falling apart in places.   I held off as long as I could because I wanted to get a good one and heck... those are expensive!   I found a great company called Five Star Tack ( when they made donations to CANTER Mid Atlantic.   Their tack is both high quality and unique.
Golly has a wide forehead and requires a wide browband.  A regular horse size is a bit too small and the oversize is too big.   He's a tough fit.
The great thing about Five Star Tack is that they work with you to find the perfect fit.   After an in depth conversation with them they suggested the regular size should work.   When I mentioned that I liked the star browband, she swapped that browband out with another bridle and essentially created a custom bridle for me.  Even better ..... when the bridle came in and the browband was too small, she swapped out a larger one for it.    That's great customer service!
I love the celtic cross, the leather is supple, its nicely padded and all the hardware works great.  Its nice to purchase something and really love it.  Here is Golly in his bridle after our ride this morning.  Isn't he handsome?


  1. Hi there -- did you ever find what the bubbling on your saddle was caused by/ways to remove it?

  2. No... noone knew what it was. I even wrote to the saddle maker but never heard back. In any case it hasn't gotten any worse so I am glad about that. Do you have something similar on your saddle? Do you know what its caused by?

  3. I have the same on my saddle I just won off Ebay. I looked up some info and I found that on one show website it can be from rain, so yes moisture. No idea how to fix yet. I am going to see a leather person to see if they have any idea. Will check back.

  4. Hi there, I too have a County Dressage saddle with bubbles. Has anyone found a way to remove them?

  5. Hi there, I too have a County Saddle with bubbles on the leather. Has anyone found a way to fix or remove them? Thank you.

  6. Did u ever find out how to remove it?

  7. No... I think it is permanent damage but it thankfully has never gotten worse.


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