Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Girl on a Happy Pony

What a nice week for riding this has been.  I got on  my horse three times which hasn't happened for a LONG time!  Today a friend's daughter came over and rode Pony while I rode Golly.  The pony (and yes we just call her Pony) has not been ridden since early last fall but she is such a sweet little mount that I knew it would be fine.   I love to share my horses and see how happy they make people.

For the most part the pony's job is to just keep our horses company and she does a fine job at that.  Every once in awhile though someone comes out to play with her and I think she enjoys the occasional attention.   She has had heaves the entire time I have owned her but they are not bad at all during the winter months so its the best time to ride her.  In the summer she struggles to catch her breath with any exercise.    Luckily with daily treatments of albuterol they are kept at a reasonable level for her in the summer and in the winter you wouldn't know she had them at all.

So... a short post today... just want to share a picture of a happy girl on a happy pony.

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