Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Trail Ride -- Two in the Same Weekend!

Just a quick posting tonight.   Had another great trail ride today.  Started off with some schooling in the field while I waited for everyone else to tack up and then worked in the ring for a bit.  Worked on the 1,2,3 method of getting him to move forward off light cues (see the previous posting on that).   Even cantered in the field a few times and while it wasn't a nice straight canter it was a canter off an easy cue so I will take it.

Then went on a trail ride with the great group you see in the picture.  One of the riders was taking her "new to her" 4 year old horse out on his first ride off the farm with her.  They did a small creek, a bridge, hills and a tough stream crossing today.  Very impressive and I can't wait to see where they are a few months from now once they have some more time to solidify their relationship.

Back to work tomorrow... sigh...   Its been a good long weekend.

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