Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sharing the Joy of Golly

Golly may not be the most athletic horse, especially when it comes to dressage, but he does have a multitude of talents.   One of the best is his brain and his ability to bring joy to others.  Its not every horse that you can share with others - safely and without reservation.
Yesterday I had the daughters of a coworker out to visit Golly.  They had grown up taking hunt seat lessons at a local barn but it had been almost a decade since they had regular lessons.  As young adults, they missed horses and all the joy they bring so I thought they may enjoy some time with Golly. 

I started off riding him so he could complete his required "homework" and so I could talk them through what I do when I first start my rides.  After a half hour, I invited them to hop on.    Although it had been some time since they had ridden I could tell they had very strong basic skills and their bodies remembered the mechanics.  Their hands were steady and gentle which was my primary concern.  They had a giving and forward seat that encouraged him to go forward.   All good things for him.  I don't care if someone hops on Golly for some fun as long as they don't mess up what he and I are working on during our sessions.
They both were able to walk trot and canter him and he seemed to have a good time and they certainly loved getting back in the saddle.   They would like to come back out to ride him again and I think it will be good for him to have some extra rides, especially ones under a young person who wants to go forward and have fun.  Go Golly!

Golly enjoying some loving from his new friends

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