Sunday, February 23, 2014

Signs of Spring

As February is coming to a close after our frigid winter, many of us are looking for the first sign of spring.   Daffodils peaking out from the last remnants of snow.   Robins pulling tender worms from the warming soil.   The days getting longer.  Geese returning from their winter grounds.   But the standbye for me and the one that is a sure indicator in my book..... is when Golly starts to shed!

I was so excited to see the first hairs loosening today.   I hate the massive amounts of hair that get on  my
clothes, coat his saddle pad, and enter every crevice of my body but because it heralds spring.... I love it!

Today was one of those uncharacteristic warm days.  I was able to ride in just a t-shirt and was not in a rush at all to finish my ride.  Definitely a sign of things to come.  The park where I ride was full of other optimistic riders.   It was like a happy three ring circus with a group getting a young horse out for lunging, a fantastic couple who brought all types of trail obstacles including hula hoops and a large horse sized soccer ball, a young rider on her athletic Arabian and families out with their kids just enjoying the sunshine.

I've been wanting to try horse soccer with Golly so I was happy to see the soccer ball and asked if I could try him out with it.   She agreed and quickly used her lovely Icelandic horse to push the ball into the ring.   Golly was having none of that and rapidly pranced away from the scary orb.

She left it in the middle of the ring and we circled it, slowly bringing the circle in closer.  He was afraid but you could tell he was intrigued by it and wanted to go closer.  It didn't take long and he was nosing it across the arena.  Now I want one too!

I can't wait for Spring to really be here.

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