Monday, March 3, 2014

Stay consistently on the triangle

As dressage riders we talk a lot about staying evenly on the "triangle" of the two pelvic bones and single pubic bone.   When we are balanced and deep in the saddle, all three should have equal pressure.   Of course, there are times when one of the bones will have more pressure.  For example, one of the pelvic bones will drop to get more bend on the side we drop.   Or both pelvic bones will have a deeper feeling when we are going for a driving seat.

At my last lesson I realized that I have developed a bad habit of dropping weight into my pelvic bones each time I use my whip.  I have recently discovered that Golly goes much better when I have either equal weight or lighter weight in my pelvic bones -- keeping an open seat rather than a driving one -- so this is  the exact opposite feeling I should be giving when I am asking for more forward motion with the whip.  

I think this is a bad habit that developed back when Golly still had a bit of buck in him.   When I put the whip on him he would frequently throw a buck and I started sitting back some as a defensive move to stay in the saddle.  Not a bad thing when that was happening but since he has matured and is no longer bucking, its time to drop the habit.

What is amazing is that I had no idea I was doing it until my instructor pointed it out and then I realized I do it EVERY time.   Just one more reason why its so important to have someone on the ground that can give you honest feedback on your riding.   One more thing to keep in the back of my head during schooling.

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