Thursday, April 24, 2014

On My Way to Rolex!!!

Sitting in the airport now waiting for my flight to Kentucky.  Woohooo!!!   I have plans to watch dressage all day tomorrow including spending some time watching the warmup ring so I can see what high level riders do with highly conditioned and energetic horses before their test.  Of course I am not sure how watching horses of that caliber and energy will apply to my warm up with my tank of horse, Golly, but you never know when that knowledge will be needed!

I will also be reporting for Eventing Worldwide so I was issued a media pass which will get me some access to the after event press conferences and some interviews.   So excited!

If there is anything you would like a report on in regards to dressage tomorrow, send it may way.  I'd be glad to include it in my report.

Till tomorrow!

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