Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notes from January 19 Lesson

I started this blog as a way of journaling my lessons and rides and my "aha" moments.   I had started journaling them in a notebook but realized that I couldn't read my own handwriting and I needed to resort to the computer for my notes.   If was going to type the notes I might as well share them with some friends and so this blog was born.

For most of my blog entries I have focused on a single aha moment but I thought that it would also be nice to have a quick list of what I focused on during that lesson to refer back.  So here is the list for my last lesson on January 19th:

  • don't use your leg at the same time as you use the whip.  I have a bad habit of doing this so my instructor has to keep reminding me
  • use the whip on the insides hind leg to ask for more bend and to help fill the outside rein
  • mix things up by asking for inside flexion and then counter flexion, then back again
  • mix things up by moving your circle out by shifting hips and more "thinking" out but still keeping the inside flexion and the moving in doing the same; repeat
  • slowly ask for a stretch but releasing the rein (slowly and let him fill the space); make sure he continues the same pace when doing so
As I complete each lesson, I will continue these notes.  Hopefully they will prove to be a good reference!

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