Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Notes from January 29th Lesson

What a gorgeous day!  A January day with sunny skies and 67 degrees!

Just a couple of quick notes from today's lesson....

* ask nicely with leg and seat for the bend and then if no answer, rein.  If still no answer then a very firm rein and the SECOND he answers, move him forward and give him some release.

* remember to keep loose legs to allow horse to move freely forward

Warming Up
* in walk or trot, gain suppleness by asking for inside flexion (use leg first, then rein to request) and then straight and then counter flexion.

* be careful not to gather up the reins when you aren't getting the bend.   Use your seat and send him forward rather than constricting the movement.  I have a tendancy to tighten up the reins when I'm not getting the answer I want.

* when using caveletti, look ahead of them and make sure you have energy coming into them (for Golly it took a little light squeeze as we approached.... I had the thought of lightly squeezing a sponge to release water)

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