Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aaaack! Can I just chop my legs off?

So last week I thought Golly was lame due to a cut on his leg.    With a couple of days of rest though he is doing well.  I rode him Saturday and he was wonderful.  The lessons we learned at the clinic to try to get him lighter to the aids are working and he did two very nice canter circles.  I was feeling pretty good that we were finally on an upswing after my recovery from knee surgery.

Then today I was just getting ready to go to a picnic, turn to say something to my son and BANG!  a sharp pain shot me behind my left knee.    All day today I have not been able to put weight on it and I think I may have pulled a hamstring.  Very frustrating.

I have been going to physical therapy for my right leg (the un-operated one) for the last few weeks trying to keep it going for a year or two before I need surgery on that one as well.  Now the one that was hurting needs to be the strong one for the pulled hamstring one.

For the most part I try to keep a positive attitude about my physical limitations and try to deal with them but today I just wonder if I will ever have legs that do what I want and need them to do.  I know it could be worse and there are many people dealing with much more serious issues but tonight.... wah wah... I just want a pity party.

Tomorrow is another day though and hopefully with the ice I applied and some rest tonight, I will be able to walk and can keep heading down this road of recovery.

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