Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary to My Blog!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my blog.  One year ago I had the thought that I should start writing down what was happening during my rides and lessons so I could 1) remember the lessons and 2) hopefully see improvement over time.

The blog has been so much more than I thought.  I have had so much fun writing and by documenting my rides, I have learned more from them.  I have met people throughout the world that I consider my blog friends now.  I have received encouragement and advice from fellow riders and readers.  I have been humbled by posting my failures and enjoyed my success even more because I could share it.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

So here are the stats one year into this blogging journey.

As of tonight I have 20,080 hits!  Wow .... I can't believe that many people have found what I have to say worth reading!

These are my top postings:
Am I Too Heavy to Ride my Horse                                  541 hits
Partial Knee Replacement Healing and Rehab                 251 hits
Putting Together a Quadrille Team                                  237 hits
Why I Don't Ride Horses with Blue Eyes                        222 hits
Tenacity                                                                            154 hits

These are my top visiting countries:
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

Top Referring Sites:
Chronicle of the Horse

Top Search Keywords:
tom mulqueen
pony girl dressage
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horses with blue eyes
am I to heavy for my horse
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  1. Happy one year anniversary! I love reading your blog and can't wait to hear about the adventures over the next year :)

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary!

    I just came across your blog yesterday, but I really like it! I'll have to check out your top posts, thanks for listing them!

  3. Thanks! One of the things I have enjoyed about writing the blog are the people I have met through it. Its fun to read about other's adventures and realize that many of our struggles are similar. Shannon -- I read that you also have some health issues that sometimes hinder your progress. Good luck with yours. From reading your blog I see that you have the same attitude I do... its annoying, painful, and certainly doesn't help but it doesn't define as us riders. I am impressed by the success you have had despite your obstacles -- well done!


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