Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First Day After Knee Replacement

I had my full knee replacement yesterday and it went well.  The doc came by to see me today and was quite pleased.  Said that the range of motion he got was very good and  he thought the results would be good.  Its nice to see your doc excited about your surgery!

It  hurts today but that is certainly to be expected.  I have good leg extension (being able to lay your leg flat) but its hard to bend it right now.  I can get it about 40 degrees but only with the therapist moving it to that point.  I was able to make a lap around the nurse station twice today.  Woohoo!  With a walker of course.

I have a continuous ice machine attached to my operated leg.  It has a small cooler of ice and it circulates cold water around my leg.  The blue wrap is where the cool water is.

The other leg has an air pack that continuously pumps and massages my leg to help prevent blood clots.

I'm surprisingly hungry and despite the hospital food probably not really tasting all that great.... I think its delicious and have eaten it all.  I'm also very thirsty and have drunk four pitchers of water since yesterday afternoon.  Good to help build back up the blood lost during surgery and also to flush out the anestetia.

During my morning physical therapy, they started by having me sit up on the side of my bed and I felt a bit weak headed so they just helped into a chair and had me sit there for a half hour or so when my blood pressure stabilized.  Didn't want to collect me from the floor after passing out!

After my walk, we put a sheet under my foot and I used it to pull my foot in a heel slide toward me to help get that bend going in my knee.  Couldn't go very far but it got better each effort so we will get there.

So mostly I have done a bunch of heel pumps, a couple walks, and a whole lot of napping.   The tv was on today but I have no idea what I watched as I kept falling asleep during each show.   Hope tomorrow I have a bit more knee flexibility and am able to navigate some stairs.

Fun times.  I'll finish with a picture of myself... I don't like quite as good as before I looked before surgery -- still kinda weak looking.   One step at a time!


  1. Sounds like you are doing well Brianna! Prayers for a continued speedy recovery and you are back in the saddle soon! <3

  2. I am scheduled for surgery May 2015. I'm still " riding" mostly at walk since after about 2-3 trot strides I'm in pain. The trainer is doing most of the riding. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kris -- you will be amazed at the decrease in pain. Do your therapy and do it hard. Its the best advice I can give. Sometimes it will hurt but my question to the therapists has always been -- "will it make it better"? And if the answer is yes.... then I push through the pain. The work you put in the first few weeks is so important.


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