Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9 Lesson Notes

Just a couple of quick notes from today's lesson...

Very nice lesson this morning before I went to work.  Weather is finally breaking and deciding to allow Spring to happen so the temps were in the 60's even at 8 am.

My instructor rode Golly first this lesson and got to experience some of the resistance and distraction that I had during my last schooling ride.  She was able to get him on the aids and paying attention a bit faster than I was though but admitted that he made even her tired getting him there!

When I got on he was much more relaxed and paying attention.  I think the most important thing I took away from today's lesson is that you can ask for a lowering of the head with your outside rein at the same time as you are asking for bend with your inside rein and inside draping leg.  I had to get quicker and the SECOND he wasn't bent and limber, open the outside rein to get the head lower while at the same time ask for the bend on the inside.  Its a lot to figure out but I think we started to get it at the end of the lesson.

Couple of other items I took away were:

* remember to go with him when I ask for more energy
* do "nothing" when he is getting it
* act quickly when he is not
* expect connection and correctness... don't compromise

Show Clinic is this Sunday -- looking forward to it.

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