Saturday, April 27, 2013

Canter Update

Well we aren't there yet... but we are getting there.   Dressage is certainly a journey and we are on one!

For the last few lessons, my instructor has been riding first and then I ride the second half with the intent of getting this canter.  If you missed the last post (, I am determined to get this elusive canter added to our gait menu.

The first lesson it would be an understatement to say it wasn't elegant.   My instructor had to really convince Golly that he could canter and then once she had him in it, had to convince him nearly every stride that he could continue it.

The second lesson was much better.  Going to the right, Golly was catching it and the transition actually looked pretty decent.  Going to the left though he wanted to keep catching the wrong lead.  She is quick and was able to correct him and didn't let him canter until he caught the correct one.  It took a bit and by the time he did get it, he was getting pretty tired so we congratulated him and gave him a break.  Then I hopped on and was able to get a few good transitions.   Our last one he offered with just a slight cue and then carried me without prompting each stride, so we called it a day and congratulated him on how smart he was and how hard he was trying.

The third lesson he offered the canter while my instructor was still warming him up at trot (yeah Golly!  Glad you want to get this canter going... .but wait until you are warmed up silly!)..    Again, the right lead was very good but the left lead much harder. This time though she was able to get four good transitions at the left lead so an improvement.  Again, I got on and after a break did some cantering on him as well.

So we are getting somewhere but like most things on this journey, its not a fast process.  I'm pleased though with his (and my) progress.


  1. I was training an ex STB racer to canter last year. After a few days she realy wanted to learn so while we were warming up she would try to canter. It was the cutest thing that she was so excited about learning this cool new thing, but I had to keep reminding her to wait until I was ready to canter. Golly trying to canter during warmups reminded me of my adventures in canter training the non canter horse.

  2. Training a STB is about what it feels like. Its just not his natural way of going - it doesn't occur to him that he CAN canter. Glad to hear that you were successful though!


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