Monday, April 29, 2013

My Horse Dresses Better than Me

I'm not known for my fashion sense.   I am the President of a small software company and it would probably put a better face on my role if I were a little more fashion forward.   Instead I am usually in jeans and I have been known to wear my barn boots to work, getting a strong reprimand from my administrative staff for the trail of what they think is mud (but probably has a mix of manure as well) in the office.

The chance of me EVER wearing anything that was seen on a red carpet is about nil.  Both because I just don't care that much about fashion and also I think its insane to spend that much money on clothing.

But when it comes to my horse... .well that is a different story.   He has to have good stuff.

Now don't get me wrong.  I am still immensely frugal when it comes to my horse and his tack.  I take good care of the stuff I have so it lasts and don't have crazy expensive stuff but it is important to me that he has well fitting and high quality tack.

So I find it hilarious that Golly's bridle showed up on the "red carpet" at Rolex this past weekend.

For those not familiar with 4 star eventing, the riders have to jog their horses in front of a panel before the event starts to ensure their horses are sound enough to endure the rigors of the event.  It is common practice that the riders dress up for the jog and like any big event, there is a "best dressed list".    Horse Junkies United put out their list and there it was... Ballylaffin was wearing the same bridle Golly sports.

Ballylaffin in his bride:  Photo By Tracy Porter
Golly sporting his bridle

So while I will NEVER be in the same clothing as that seen on the red carpet... my horse is.  Not sure what that says about me but whatever it is... I'm good with it!

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